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Mon, Jun 24, 2013 10:04 PM


Clicking on number of ratings in a list should show unrated films

On any list where it shows the bar saying how many films from the list I have rated, clicking on the bar defaults to films I have rated. It would be more useful if it showed the films I hadn't rated, just like the top 250 films I haven't seen. I know you can edit the URL and change restrict for exclude, but that's just a pain.

Maybe it just needs a link near the bar saying 'films I haven't seen', this would keep both camps happy




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7 years ago

It'd make a lot of sense to have such contextual controls and ability to manipulate the options from the search results.

It'd be certainly one of the things I'd want to see via this suggestion (which is a broader suggestion than this):



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7 years ago

Until IMDb implements the functionality that Emperor mentions, you can accomplished this with Advanced Title Search [].

1. Under "Your Ratings" select "Exclude Titles I've Seen".
2. Under "Lists: Include:" select you list that interests you.
3. Click the yellow "Search" button.

Note: If you know the list ID for someone else's list, you can substitute the list ID in place of the one for your search.

For example:
Most Popular Titles You Haven't Seen In Your "All Films that have Appeared on the IMDb Top 250"


Most Popular Titles You Haven't Seen In Your "U_MRVmQFD8A" ("Time travel films")