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Fri, Nov 13, 2015 6:34 AM

Character search confusion. Is a valuable site tool working?

Character 'Peter Nichols' ...No character found.

A search for this character to find the portraying actor returned this no character found page
Using 'Pete' as also heard in the show returned the same. 'Peter Nichols' in the episode is printed on his office door and what he is called in the show. Knowing the episode title: Perry Mason: The Case of The Lavender Lipstick. I used 'Lavender Lipstick' to television episode search.
The search returned a found with one click listing for this page:
Perry Mason: Season 4, Episode 5 The Case of the Lavender Lipstick (15 Oct. 1960) 
and right there in the cast list is a listing of a character named 'Peter Nichols'  7th from the top as actor John Lupton. I very much value and am impressed with imdb.com and the volume, the power & the quality of imdb's information. It just concerns me with that thought how an exact spelling as found on imdb and taken from the episode could return not found. Such could erode confidence and value perceived in imdb even when search information sought is found with no additional means like episode title being used.
After finding this episode listing a search under names for John Lupton did return a list of 2, John Lupton,
and that same search also listed a Johnny Lupton page.
Maybe the age, (15 Oct. 1960), of the information is the concern? 

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