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Fri, Mar 1, 2019 4:58 AM

Change of email add, don't remember old password, do NOT want to lose all my info.

Change of email address after moving, don't remember old password, do 'NOT' want to lose all the years of info saved under my prior one.


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2 years ago

Hi, WIlliam Lomax Jr. If you still have access to your old email address inbox, then you can and should attempt password recovery, otherwise regaining access likely would not be possible.

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a year ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled I have an OLD account and need to update the email & don't have access to my old ....

I have an old account with imdb and want to changed the email but cannot access the old email and do not want to have to create a new account, can it be reset?



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Hi Todd,
Sorry for the trouble, but this is not possible if you no longer have access to the email account and also don't remember the password.

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Is that certain? THX

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I have this issue. It'd be better the system let change the iMDB email or password separately, many networks do it on this way and not force anyone to delete their accounts, it's senseless.

I think the problem is on Facebook and iMDB linked logins. I don't dare to unlink my Facebook account cause I'm afraid of losing the entry to my account.