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Tue, Nov 12, 2013 8:07 PM

Change language title of Film?

I have a problem where many films display the Swedish names instead of the English ones. The problem comes when i list the films alphabetically, a film like "Bacholerette" it is listed as "Möhippan", the problem ere is that when i arrange my films alphabetically you would think that the film would be listed as M for Möhippan, but it is not.
Instead it is listed as B for "Bacholerette" but the titles says Möhippan, so all of a sudden my alphabetical list is not so alphabetical at all.
How can i fix this?


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7 y ago

You can change the display language in Site preferences in your user settings. If you prefer to see titles in English you can select Title display language to English. You'll probably have to set Title display country to an English speaking country as well for it to work properly.

If you want to see the original title of movies (my preferred choice) you can set Title display country to Original.

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7 y ago

Fantastic, thank you for the help.

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7 y ago

It helped for me on Samsung GT 8.9, but doesn't help on HTC Sensation. The last one keeps local titles despite all English settings on the phone.