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Tue, Nov 27, 2018 10:00 AM

Can you add a user rating system to "User Lists"

I love the idea of "User Lists" but they are becoming unusable.  They are great for finding titles that you didn't know about that are similar to titles you are viewing.  Unfortunately, there are far too many people who add everything they watch to a "User List", don't make any comments about it.  When I check out these list, it is no better than a list of random titles and has no meaning to me.  The worst part, is that the more titles on the list, they higher ranking they seem to get and the more likely they will appear attached to the title I'm viewing. Most common lists are in the hundreds of titles and some are in the thousands.  The interesting and useful lists are way down and never get seen.

Can you add a system for users of the lists to be able to rank the lists for interest and usefulness.  Hopefully, this will reduce the popularity of massive lists of titles and increase the popularity of more interesting lists.

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