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Mon, Nov 18, 2013 2:18 PM

Boards bio : Bug, or undocumented limit introduced: Number of words/char. allowed in field

I have had a long Boards Bio on my profile page since forever, well before the site overhaul a while ago anyway. Since I got reminded of HTML errors every time I visited I thought I'd repair it now.

My Boards Bio had a total of 1441 words, mostly movie quotes and IMDb forum quotes.
This number of words/characters cannot be saved.

With the original length of 1441, changes I made to the text were not saved. When I cut out the text, and pasted into an external file, saved the empty profile, and then wrote the word "test" to save, the word was saved in the profile. When I cut my profile text in half and copied about 700 words back into the profile and saved it, the text was saved and shown.
(Edited to add: Browser type is irrelevant, both Firefox and IE display this behaviour)

My guess is that a character limit was recently introduced for the Boards bio field, but this is not documented anywhere I can find, nor is there a warning like with the signature field (100 characters).

If there is a character limit for a field, it should be signposted next to the field.

I was lucky that I copied my profile text to an external file before testing, otherwise I would have lost it...

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