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Mon, Apr 13, 2020 2:52 AM

Become one of top 1000 voter

how to i will become one of  top 1000 voter? how many titles i should rating to? 


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6 months ago

The specific number is unknown because IMDb wants it to stay secret. However, I assume that being a Top 1000 voter is really hard but probably a little easier than being a Top 1000 Reviewer. So I think that you may need to rate near 10 000 titles to be a top 1000 Reviewer.

But to preserve this number secret IMDb, doesn't give a badge to those who own it.

If the actual list or number was to be displayed. Someone could easily make bots to messed up the entire system, I also think that only trust-worthy and regular users are in the top 1000, as I said earlier they want to avoid bots.

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6 months ago

I would say 15,000-25,000. If the voter is honest and not bot. Since VHS-Beta came out in 1980+TV. 1.5 movie a day.  1.5 X 365 X 40 = 21,900. 2.5hrs a day. Not excessive. But you can be 30 years old and seen as many at 3 a day.