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Sat, Mar 17, 2018 6:27 PM


Badges: Oscar badges

So I don’t think I’m the first to complain about the Oscar badges, but I didn’t find any threads solely focused on making an overhaul upon a quick search (which surprised me). The main point of issue is that the formatting is highly inconsistent from list to list, and the titles that get included or excluded from the lists are of dubious determinability. Above all, this is an aesthetic critique. But it’s something to consider. 

Now for the questions

Why are the winning categories from list to list so inconsistent? Have animations, documentaries, and foreign films been too much for people to handle lately? (Hint: they shouldn’t be—we’re talking about a badge after all). And if there is rationale behind what titles are included/excluded, why aren’t the criteria made clear, front and center? Right now it just looks like the list author just selects the ones they like the most, or something based vaguely on popularity (with the “main categories” present). If it’s based on popularity, how is the popularity determined? And what qualifies as a “main category”? Why is best animated feature a main category in 2009, but not 2018?

Also, why is the formatting so inconsistent from list to list? Some lists include the awards that each film won and the names of the winners (with hyperlinks), while others have descriptions that are completely blank. I like the idea of Oscar badges, but it doesn’t seem very professional with the current setup.

The formatting, it seems to me, would be an incredibly easy fix. Listing names with hyperlinks is helpful and would make the lists feel more tangible. The categorical inclusion or exclusion can get a little messy, since it would require changes to a few if not all of the lists.

So, here are some ideas for that:

I foresee a problem with people’s Oscar badges disappearing, and here’s my proposed solution for that. Out-of-date badges could have an altered graphic: perhaps they’d turn grey if the updated badge includes films that user hasn’t seen, and the red-gold one could be used for the up-to-date lists. This way people know that the lists have been updated without losing their badge. Something similar could be employed, though the premise is to let people know the badges have been refined without being completely destructive to their efforts to earn them. That being said, the worst-case scenario is that people will have to re-rate a few titles to get their badges to show up again, or maybe even watch a new movie (heaven forbid). So the consequences really aren’t that bad even then.

Further suggestions would be adding badges for prior years, though mechanics for consolidating them might be necessary for the sake of loading one’s profile page (organize them into decades when they’ve all been unlocked, perhaps). You can probably take your time with that one—it’s better to get organized before you expand that much.

And in conclusion:

It’s always possible that I’m missing something really obvious (in which case you can just explain it to me and I’ll be on my way), but the lists aren’t as presentable, professional, or credible as they could be right now.

I’ll apologize in advance if I’m missing something blatantly obvious: Sorry about that...

But if not, I’d like to thank you in advance for your consideration... So thanks! :) 

- Sparse

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