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Sun, Dec 30, 2018 1:21 AM


annoyed that as a 16 year member of IMDB I do have to sign up for the forums

you guys at IMDB ever heard of SSO? Single-Sign On? I heard about it 18 years ago and worked with my clients to implement it. Now it is 2018 and you still require that as a pre-existing IMDB member, I do have to sign up for IMDB Community Conversations, as if that is an entity separate from IMDB? that's lame. I wonder why the IMDB IT Manager did not suggest this earlier - low pay, stupid superiors, or incompetence? any way I see it is making participation in community discussion unnecessarily troublesome for your members and I see no rational reason (other than being max penny pinching) to leave it so. Once again, it is 2018. The problem with SSO dealt with systems 10 years ago. I am shocked how back in time your most capable IT minds are, agreeing with making a single already registered user to waste more time to register to the forums, which is 2-3 minutes. For 100,000 users that is 200,000-300,000 seconds of wasted time. And you're OK with this? I guess you are, as long as you consider itself as a monopoly, a branch of another de facto monopoly, Amazon.

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