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Sat, Oct 4, 2014 2:15 AM

An idea to improve IMDB

I have an idea for an improvement for the interface and user experience. I am actually very surprised this hasn't been done yet.

I am very much missing a feature that would let me mark watch films. So for example, if I then go on a specific page of a specific actor/actress, all of the films I've ticked as seen will be marked for example in green, and the ones I haven't will stay normal. I know I can create watchlists and all that, but I think a "visual marker" would be nice.

It would really help once browsing through IMDB to look for films - I have often found myself starting the same film because I didn't remember off the top of my head I've seen it already! Or if I'm watching everything from the filmography of a one director/actor/actress, over the period of several weeks, I tend to get lost/forget which ones I've seen already and which ones I still have to see.

So please think about it, guys!


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7 y ago

It's a good idea

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7 y ago

This would be a good idea actually. It would cut down the need to cross check between the movies listed on an actress' page, by physically clicking each separate movie, and the list I've made of movies I've watched. A different color or perhaps some other symbol by the movie title would save the time of having to open each movie in a different page.



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6 y ago

IMDb is rolling out the "Seen Feature".

Here are some highlights:
The "Seen Feature" allows you to mark titles as "seen" without giving them a rating; it's easy to go through a large list quickly without worrying exactly what rating it deserves. Rating a title or Checking in for a title automatically marks it as "seen".

The cool thing is that it works from ANY title list (just like our polls!). Just change "list" to "seen" in the URL.
So you can go through lists like these...

Top 250 list list
Bottom 100 list:
IMDb Top 250 2013
IMDb Top 250 2012

Name pages boards have a link to "seen" that let you mark how much of the body of work for that name you've seen (with a filter for actor, director, etc). So now you can go through for example, and mark have much of Harrison Ford's work you have seen:

You can see more details in this thread:
IMDb Information : IMDb Seen