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Sun, Jun 2, 2019 12:02 PM


Admins, please stop the provocative spamming slanderer

Ed Jones (XLIX) has warned me that he will never reply to me directly, and I will be "on my own" since the moment. It was great for me to know that each of us keeps understanding there is a line between that should not be crossed...

Unfortunately, Ed Jones (XLIX) is trying to find other ways to make my participating here uncomfortable, by engaging third persons to discuss me or provoking such discussion:
and placing such (a spam) in a thread where an important problem is under discussion.

In view of the above and the content of his message, admins please delete that message of Ed Jones (XLIX) in that thread, or move it here if he insists to keep discussing me. If proceeding to discuss me, he might explain on each word of his sweeping condemnations or apologize. Otherwise, if his message just deleted, I hope Ed Jones (XLIX) will further keep the good mood of constructive neutrality to my person, as I do to him.

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