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Tue, Oct 3, 2017 6:02 PM

Add the Name of the Network to TV Show Pages

A suggestion for IMDB: Add the name of the network the show airs on to TV Show pages. With so many different ways for a new show to become available to the viewing public, we could really use that information. New shows can air on regular TV networks, cable networks, subscription networks, Netflix, Hulu, CBS All Access, or any number of other streaming sites. If you don't have explicit information telling you where to find a given show, it can be a chore trying locate it.

When I want to check out a new show, I first look it up on IMDB. But after I've done that, I almost always have to look it up on Wikipedia so that I know which network the show will air on. Sometimes a show won't even have a Wikipedia page, in which case, I have to start doing Google searches for articles, hoping to find one that will tell me where to find the show.

Aside from this one crucial piece of information, everything else someone needs to know about a new show is already on the show's IMDB page. Why not add the network info, too, and keep viewers from having to look anywhere else for it?

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