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Thu, Jun 21, 2018 2:20 PM

[ Add Comments to Lists with FaceBook ? ? ]

Looking at IMDb Users Lists and I wanted to Add Comments

Add a Comment...
Log into your Facebook account to use this social plugin.
Email or Phone: [_________]
Password: [_________]

Why do I need a Facebook account to Add a Comment to a IMDb list
I am already logged in with my IMDb account

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List comments NOT handled
IMDb has limited list comments to Facebook users.
If one does not use Facebook, one cannot comment on IMDb lists
by Bill Goode
Posted 5 years ago

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IMDB user comments and not just FB commentators on lists?
by Latzer
Posted 5 years ago

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Ask Facebook to add IMDB to their comments plugin
by Emperor, Champion
Posted 5 years ago

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Posting Comments on Lists without a Facebook Account
by markfilipak
Posted 4 years ago

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