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Wed, Oct 20, 2021 6:51 PM



Where is the Search box on imdb tv iOS application?

I've searched and see that over the years many people have complained about there not being a search feature on the IMDB TV application.  I am NOT looking for a workaround.  I do not care how people do it if they have a fire stick.  I also have Prime and can search there, but I don't want to.  I want to know the answer to the simple question: if I have an iPhone or iPad and have your application how do I find out if you have a TV show or movie I would like to see without going thru hundreds or thousands one at a time to discover where it is?  I have read things by your support staff that refer to search boxes and "advanced search" boxes and it could be they are talking about imdb itself or about devices other than IOS devices.  I am specifically talking about how to find what is available to watch on an iPad without having to get out of the application and into another one.  If there is not a search box it is the easiest of things for a beginning programmer to allow for and it does not require any ingenuity at all.



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Hi @Bonrot 

I'm happy to share that we've introduced search functionality on the IMDb TV app on iOS.