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Sun, Jan 10, 2021 6:19 PM

What’s free & what’s not

Are the movies free too or is it just the tv shows? I would also like to know how to tell if it is free without clicking it? I am a Prime Video member. I choose to watch free movies and tv only.

Please advise.


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16 days ago

Some movies can be instantly streamed at no additional charge. Some (or all) episodes of some shows can be instantly streamed at no additional charge. Being able to know this without "clicking it" depends upon which kind of index of titles is being viewed on IMDb. For instance, an IMDb name page doesn't indicate instant watch options of titles referenced on the filmography, whereas IMDb title lists and "filmosearch" results do.


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16 days ago



Everything is free here at

If you are on a title page then if you see these icon links it is free.

Anything else is not free or is unavailable on AMAZON.COM
Like this....