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Tue, Sep 7, 2021 7:37 PM



Watchlist questions

I found seasons 5 & 6 of strong medicine on here so I downloaded the app to my phone, the channel on my tv and I have Amazon prime that also has the channel. I added the episodes to my watchlist but when I log in on my tv the watchlist isn’t there and when I am on my phone it want give me the option to watch, what do I need to do? This is for both IMDb and IMDbtv



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3 m ago

Hi @Carter7

I do apologize but your Watchlist on IMDb is not viewable via the IMDb TV app. You're welcome to use the watchlist feature on the Prime Video app if preferred. 


Please note, on IMDb we list every movie and show we are aware of that meet our criteria for inclusion, whether or not they are available on video or ever have been. With that said - adding a title to your Watchlist on IMDb, does not guarantee that the title is available to stream via IMDb TV.


Only certain titles in our database may be available to stream for free with ads via IMDb TV. Visit the IMDb TV FAQs for more information