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Mon, Nov 11, 2019 3:03 AM

It says I can watch for free, but it sends me to to pay

It says that IMDb is supported by advertisements and it is free to watch, all you need is an IMDb account.  I have been trying to watch a Dallas episode on an XBox 360 using the Prime Video app. I search for IMDb, select it and find the Dallas video.  It says to watch this go to to buy or rent it. At on my computer I can play the show without making any payment, but even if I create an IMDb account and exit and reenter Amazon Prime Video on the XBox 360 it still refuses to play show without my first paying for it on It never asks me for my IMDb account information or my Prime Video account information.  Am I supposed to use a different app on the XBox 360?  If so what app can I use?


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