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Tue, Aug 31, 2021 12:24 AM


IMDB TV on Firestick Data Usage

The IMDB TV app on our Firestick consumes massive amounts of data when we watch it (100 to 150 GB for 3 hours of viewing).  Is there a setting to lower the video quality so that we can continue to watch? At this rate we will no longer be able to watch IMDB TV as we are capped at 1280 GB per month.

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18 d ago

same here but on the roku and it start mid september  i had no idea what was doing it  i got a new router mine was old  got a new roku as mine was old replaced all the cables then i started removing each channel i was using one at a time and presto once i removed imdbtv  my 24 hour date use went from 50gb in 24hrs to 15gb in 24hrs   thats insane   i dont know what happened in september to start this  but for now its solved just cannot use imdbtv...  not sure it its an app update as you cannot find a history of versions for the roku app