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Mon, Jan 28, 2019 7:06 AM

IMDB Freedive illegal Ads

I just reported IMDB Freedive to the FCC.  The ads are illegal in that their volume is higher than the average broadcast volume.  Much higher in fact.  Extremely loud ads.  Not to mention that they are advertising alcohol ads and tattoo ads to minors.  I will be reporting this to the police as well and may file legal action.  I'm ok if you show ads, just at same volume of movie and use ads like the soap ad from amazon, not illegal ads like alcohol and tattoos for minors.  I also hate the annoying lip moving ads for amazon music.  Who ever came up with that idea should be fired.




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2 years ago


I assure you that your concerns have been shared with our team, and we appreciate you taking the time to reach out.