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Mon, Nov 23, 2020 8:05 PM

closed captioning

We are watching the series Forensic Files on IMdB. On some of the programs, the closed captioning has nothing to do with the program we're watching. It's like it's for a different episode. I saw posts from other people with the same problem while watching another series and just wanted you to know that the problem is not isolated to that one series. Thank you!




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2 months ago

Hi @Patsy

To further investigate the closed captioning issue, could you provide details regarding which episodes you are experiencing issues with? Thanks in advance. 

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@Taylor I'm not sure. I think there's been at least three of them but I can't remember which ones they are. I do know that one of them is entitled "Cement the Case". It's confusing though, because when I just search for Forensic Files, it's season 3, episode 10. It could be a different number on IMDb though, because I notice that if I just search for Forensic Files, season 5, episode 9 is "Crime Seen". On IMDb, season 5, episode 9 is "'Kill'igriphy".

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Watching The Office Episode 4-12 and the captioning is just wrong