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Mon, May 27, 2019 4:25 AM


The End of Thrones

Due to the high level of negative criticism and really low ratings on the season's finale, what was the episode (from the 8th season) that made you lose hope that Game of Thrones would have a worthy ending?

The list can be found here:

If you have any suggestions, feel free to share (:


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2 y ago

1-st ends it and 2-nd nailed the last iron to the coffin. I wrote that It seems to me producers cheat us inviting different screenwriters and director under Alan Smithee names  for the last season.



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2 y ago

The problem with the suggestion is that it leaves out everyone who think the ending was worthy, as it assumes you were disappointed by it.

According to my ending of game of Thrones poll 26% of people liked the ending. Maybe you should have an extra option to reflect this.
For my part, I liked the ending and final episode, I did not like how we got there, in that case I would vote for 8.4 as the worst episode, but in the end it would not be an accurate answer as I did ot loose hope.

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2 y ago

None of them, I highly enjoyed all of the episodes and all of the seasons.

I don't understand the negativity, it's like it came out of nowhere on the breath of dragonfire. The main complaint I have heard is:  "The Dialogue became sparse", but we forgot that whole houses got eradicated. House Baratheon, all gone save one bastard. Houses Stark and Lannister, trimmed down extensively. House Tyrell, totally gone. House Frey, victims of Arya. House of Arryn, taken over by Stinkfinger. The leadership of Dorne, killed off by the Sand Snakes who were then killed by Cersei. The Sept of the Seven: Rubble, and all of the Sparrows roasted with green fire. The head families of Meereen, Dragonfodder. So with a loss like that of what were major characters, there is obviously going to be a large drop in the quantity and quality of conversations.

The other complaint, "GOT had become an Action series", but also forget that the whole show from S01E01 led up to the Living vs the Dead and the Battle with the Night King, followed by the Burning of King's Landing, which Brann had seen in one of his first visions from the original 3-Eyed Raven: In S04E02, Brann has a rapid succession of images, one of them is the shadow of a Dragon flying over King's Landing. We didn't know what that meant back then, but we do know now, and all of the elements of season 8 seems like they were put into place long before it was made. We had been given hints like this all through the series, usually in the form of "Prophecies" and Visions.

There were a few things I would have liked to see, but season 8 was basically a Denouement after several seasons filled with climaxes, but it had to include the two final battles. Not much story to tell after that other than wrapping it all up. Plus, I was glad that all of the cool people I really liked ended up on the Small Council, including Ser Bron of the Blackwater and Sam, which must have humbled those Maesters who would not listen to him at The Citadel...

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2 y ago

I think that season 8 was good and I'm happy with the outcome.