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Thu, Jun 16, 2022 2:48 AM

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Poll Suggestion: Supe Trash


In superhero fandoms the term "supe" is a shortening for a superhero in general. The term "white trash" is a widely known condescending term for caucasian people in lower or very low life conditions. Since a while this principle is also used for super-"heroes". So this is about seemingly superheroes which are still heroes to the peoples on the streets of the movies or TV-series, but most of them hide their bad habits from public. We made up a parade of low down superheroes which don't suffer from mental illness, but simply have a low down super-bad or disgusting character in general. They are morally run down or corrupted because of their super-abilities. Here are the worst super-trashies you don't want to defend your city or countryside.

Which of these supe-trashies has the worst character?

Complain about them here.


No supervillainsCorrupted or morally neglected superheroes, which seemingly are or were heroes to the public. No animated, but real-life-TV-Series are ok. Users who know me know, that I'm a huge fan of superhero-franchises, but it's ok for me to deal with the subject about deranged superheroes, which are not perfect like the high-gloss superheroes we normally watch on our screens. The idea came to me by watching the TV-series "The Boys". Since I'm still watching season one, I know there are three seasons to go. I guess there are many more super-scoundrels to watch. 


Poll: TBD

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