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Tue, Jul 24, 2018 6:32 AM

Poll Suggestion: Big Finishing Moves in Excellent Movies

Sometimes a character in an excellent movie does such a clever move or a row of moves, that he/she turns the situation to an special end, he/she worked out smart. It's more than a simple twist. It's the chilling genius mastermind thinking of a character who is down and has nothing to lose. And they allways finish someone, who deserves it.
So what is your favorite Finishing move in an excellent movie?

Just such moves from excellent movies, rated 8/10 oh higher, rated by 200,000 users or more. The rules are debateable by appropriate reason. But I will not get down much lower.

(Please note: This suggestion is not about many options, but high-quality options. So if it will reach 10 to 15 options, I think that would be enough.)



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2 years ago

Hey, you could put my Illusionist  suggestion on this. :/
FYC:Endings of Usual suspects, fight club and se7en. (There will be a lot of Spacey) :P
P.S- Sting too