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Thu, Apr 25, 2019 11:09 PM


[Poll] Nominations for the Worst Movie of All Time (Round 1)

I am currently attempting to compile a list of some of the worst movies of all time. So now's your chance to help me out and get in on the action :)

The current list is here: https://www.imdb.com/list/ls042839302/  
(It starts empty)

Please provide what you believe to be the worst movie you have ever seen, and I will add it to the list, subject to the following submission guidelines:

1. The title must be a film
2. The title must not be a short (requires 45+ minutes runtime)
3. Please provide a reason for why you believe it deserves a nomination
4. Nominations can be independent of overall IMDB ratings - just because a movie is rated low or high overall does not mean you cannot nominate it.
5. Please limit your nominations to a maximum of 3 titles.

Once I've allowed sufficient time for people to make their suggestions I'll create a further poll (i.e. Round 2) whereby you'll be asked to vote from the list to narrow it down. After that, depending on the amount of titles, additional rounds (and corresponding lists) may be added until we can pinpoint the ultimate worst movie ever made. 

Have fun :D

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Dishonorable mention:
Megaforce (1982)

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While this is a fun poll indeed, I don't see how you'll be able to choose from literally hundreds of titles.

Plus, there are many different types of bad movies.

* Some of them even don't try, they probably know even before shooting that they'll be the bottom of the barrel already. So I can't really consider them bad movies, but rather second rate movies: Post-2000 Steven Seagal movies, most of 80's commando or post-apocalyptic themed movies, etc.

* If they were actually intended to be decent films but have ended up as unintentionally hilarious, I don't really consider them bad movies either (like Manos, Turkish Star Wars, Starcrash, Yor, etc.)

* Some of them were intended not only to be decent, but also to be franchise starters, blockbusters... yet they don't even have the hilariousness factor and are just plain bad, cringy bad. (Catwoman, Shaq's "Steel", Stop Or My Mom Will Shoot, etc. 

* Movies that are all wannabe style but have zero content, made by people who think that if you imitate Tarantino long enough, you'll end up with a cult classic: Hell Ride, the worst probably. Also some terrible thing called Bullfighter (2000) which you won't believe was made. (someone probably thought "Hey, let's get Dafoe to play a preacher with a machine gun! Who needs a story when you got that?") You'd really need a team of experts to make a movie this terrible... And if you can find it anywhere, also try a 2012 film called Bro. You'll probably find it in the local sewer.

* Wannabe spoof comedies are a whole category. Date Movie, Disaster movie, and that awful poisonous thing from the depths of hell: Holmes and Watson, etc. These are truly bad movies, because for lack of a better word, they're unwatchable.

* Propaganda movies, all of them, no matter whose side they're on. (Jud Süss, there's one in the top 5 in the all-time bottom list right now, etc)

But many thanks for this, great titles have popped up.

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Well, this poll is more Poll Board picks for their worst movies.  The only titles added are ones they chose.  So you're he's not just choosing random movies.  There is a round 2 thread where he was going to narrow it down even more or something, but I don't remember why it dropped off.  I really love the idea.