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Tue, Jan 16, 2018 3:31 PM

OT: Almost everything I've done has been deleted

Hi everyone,

all Conversations authored by me on Get Satisfaction have been deleted, and apparently my IMDb account too, because it is inaccessible. The mails informing me about this issue say that Col Needham gave this reason: Troll.

Thanks to Peter and Dan, my ability to post anything on GS was restored. Intermittently, trying to do so resulted in a message that said, “Sorry! Your participation privileges were suspended by Community Managers for persistent abusive behavior: Troll.”

The only reason that might explain this issue is the recent suggestion of one specific poll. It was titled "IMDb - The Nail in the Coffin" and dealt with hypothetical changes to the site that might cause the voter to leave permanently. It was intended to be humorous and as far as I can see, not hate-inducing.

I don’t see the point of further suggesting polls without my old IMDb account. Neither do I feel very comfortable here when the ultimate possible punishment is exerted in such a way, without a chance to retrieve the losses. Maybe I’ll post something sporadically, the way bratface used to.

It’s a bummer, because pollmaking was fun, and there are such interesting, friendly, helpful, and creative people here. Thank you to all the poll board regulars.

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