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Mon, Jan 13, 2020 1:51 PM


I'm so happy... so, so, so happy.... my man AL PACINO got his 9th Oscar-nomination, one more than Brando and O'Toole and one less than Spencer Tracy and Laurence Olivier... yeaaaaaah baby! 

I'm not saying he's the best actor around, but as it happens to be, he's my all-time favorite actor and a LIVING LEGEND... this guy brings his own personal style in every performance and whether you like him or find him to be too over-the-top, he's always an offer you can't refuse. Hammy? I say, volcanic. Loud?  I say thundery... Bizarre? I say gutsy.... Weak? I say vulnerable. Over-the-top? I say eccentric.

The reasons of my joy is because I followed his career ever since it went downhill and I kept looking for his projects waiting for the one that would put him in the Oscar map... especially after the Jack and Jill fiasco. He had two movies in 2014, and neither of them went worthy of awards considerations, I lost all hope until I heard he would star in  a Scorsese movie, I expected it for 2017, then it was 2018 and then 2019... and I hoped it would be the right one (even his role in "Hollywood" filled me with hope)

I thought Pacino was locked when I saw him but then I noticed Pesci was stealing his thunder, which (as good as he was) bothered me because when Pacino isn't on-screen, the film is rather melancholic, it's Pacino who gives it its energetic pulse, no doubt about that. I was also anxious that two co-lead performances (Pitt and Hopkins) would take his place, I know he had GG, SAG and BAFTA but after one decade of rooting for one actor to get an Oscar-nomination, you expect any kind of disappointment.

I'm so happy for Al, so, so happy... who knows, maybe it'll pave the way for an end of career à la Plummer with one or two more nominations...

Happy ElMo...


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