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Fri, Aug 23, 2019 2:49 PM

Live Poll: Top 20 Iconic Child Moments

The list includes 20 iconic movie moments that involve children or preteen characters, which one is your favorite?




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a year ago

Congratulations ElMaruecan82 on your 603rd live poll! As of 29-Aug-2019 6:57 AM Pacific your polls have 1,104,707 or more votes, for an average of 1,832 votes per poll.

Top 35 Iconic Child Moments
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10 months ago

Great poll! I am always amazed at how well these child actors play. And I remembered some other (in my view) iconic moments in films. 
Like the new morning routine in Kramer vs Kramer: But maybe that is because I was blown away by the acting performance of Justin Henry. 
But the next image that came to my mind is truly an iconic moment for me. And I wonder if that is the same for you. or this moment in the same film .