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Fri, Apr 13, 2018 10:44 PM

Live Poll: They've Never Even Been Nominated!

It's hard enough to win an Oscar of the acting variety, but it becomes that much more elusive when you aren't even nominated to begin with! These actors have shown us their versatile talents on the big screen and we have certainly taken notice - The Academy, however, hasn't...for some reason.

So which of these talented actors, that have never even been nominated for an Oscar, do you think has been unjustly overlooked by The Academy?



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3 years ago

my pics: Bruce Willis, Guy Pierce, Joseph Cotten, Al Molina, David Oyelowo

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2 years ago

Uhh ... Jim Carrey?  I like the guy, but for WHAT does he deserve an award?  lol.  He has no oscar worthy performances.  I don't get that one.

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3 months ago

Kyle, is it ok for you, if we do a part II of your idea?