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Mon, Apr 26, 2021 8:09 AM

Live Poll: Film Freaks


In some movies films are a subject. The characters work at films, talk about films or just love to watch films. Some of them are real geeks, others are just part of the audience. They are mostly all freaks in a very positive or some even in a negative way.

Who of them is the most interesting film freak? There are spoiler bars on some options to prevent spoiling the movie for you.

Discuss here.


The character you suggest should be a film freak in some way. That can be special scenes in a cinema or characters that talk about movies (audience/film makers). Just not each 3rd class horror movie, but iconic or somehow outstanding movies welcome. And of course non-horror movies welcome. If this suggestion has already be done, please contact me about it. Write it down here. Thank you.




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