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Thu, Mar 18, 2021 9:09 AM

Live Poll: Col Needham's 9 Stars Movies

Hello, poll forum, another idea for your consideration, feedback welcome, thank you.

Col Needham (born 1967) is an English entrepreneur who is the founder and CEO of IMDb.

His all-time favorite movie quote from Grand Canyon (1991): "All of life's riddles are answered in the movies". (source here)

Col Needham rated recently 22 movies with 9 (nine!) stars. (as of October 2021)

Which is your favorite title?

Source: Col Needham's Public Ratings

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7 m ago

Mon Oct 25 2021 5:15:52 PM

too late to add a

@Col_Needham 😀   (ACTtive: Wed Oct 27 2021 1:59:20 AM)

Mon Oct 25 2021


Col Needham
IMDb member since October 1990      -          2 Reviews            -      272 Lists       - 13,656 Titles    -      331 Titles    -   6,565 Titles

Wayback Machine*/

Feb 26 2021

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7 m ago

Should No Time to Die really be included if he rated it 10?

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I changed it like this

Col Needham rated recently 22 movies with 9 (nine!) stars... or more. (as of October 2021)


What do you think?



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7 m ago

Congratulations, @mariojacobs!

Col Needham's 9 Stars Movies

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