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Thu, Mar 23, 2017 8:13 PM

Live Poll: AFI's Oscar-nominated (but non-winning) Villains

In your opinion, which of these Oscar-nominated performances as a villain from  the American Film Institute's Top 50 (ranked in order) should have won?


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4 years ago

though ingrid bergman was wonderful in 'gaslight', the true stand-out performance was indeed miss barbara stanwyck in 'double indemnity'...

she set the pattern for every femme fatale from glenn close in 'fatal attraction' to kathleen turner's turn in 'body heat'...

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4 years ago

I'm glad for this one :)
I put the title in capital letters, looks better that way

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4 years ago

It's gone live.

You have a great deal of great context but you're missing out on the title that the character in question is nominated for.  Most are obvious to cinephiles but... not everyone voting is a cinephiles.

I voted for Mrs. Eleanor Shaw Iselin from the Manchurian Candidate.  She's a sinister and chilling beast.



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4 years ago

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