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Thu, Nov 30, 2017 11:06 PM


FAQ: List of Live Character Based Polls Recast as Image Based Polls

It is not usually clear whether a poll suggestion is a new suggestion or a character based poll recast as an image based poll. Please use this thread to provide information for these character based polls.

Please provide this information for your new image polls based on live character based polls. These polls may have the same title as the existing live character based polls. They will be treated as any new poll suggestion.

Get Satisfaction Thread:
Image List:

Updated (20-May-2018):

1. IMDb has completed removing the character based polls and associated lists.

2. To aid your effort in identifying your character polls, I’ve created this list of 843 character polls as of 8-Nov-2017. The polls are sorted in descending order of votes on the first tab and by author on the second tab.

3. Re-cast polls will be treated essentially as new polls. As such, there is no need to exactly recreate the character based poll as an image list and poll. At the discretion of the author, they may rearrange the order of the choices in the poll and add and/or remove choices as they deem appropriate. Authors may also make other changes at their discretion.

4. If the previous title does not meet IMDb’s style please update to ensure the title is properly capitalized.

5. It is probably not a good idea to include the vote totals in the re-cast poll. This information may be included in the associated thread for the poll at the discretion of the author.

6. Original authors have first choice in recreating a character based poll. Other poll authors may recreate a character based poll with the permission of the original author. When the original author is not active, please attempt to contact the original author for permission. Regardless, if you recreate a poll a character poll from another author, please credit the original author.

7. Recreated polls will be pushed gradually so that they do not distract from new polls.

8. There is no practical way of combine the statistics for the original poll and re-cast poll. We are not restricting authors from adding, deleting and re-ordering choices, since we would have no way of verifying that the two versions of the poll are consistent. For all intents and purposes the original poll and the re-cast poll will be treated as two separate and distinct polls.

9. This guidance will be updated as we gain experience on pushing recast polls that were originally character based.

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