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Mon, Feb 13, 2017 2:13 AM


FAQ: IMDb Seen now available on poll results...

FAQ:Key Threads - IMDb Poll FAQs Index

HI - we slipped a little feature on the poll results page onthe desktop site just before the holidays.
On polls with items that are titles, there is now a little box on the right handside of the result page that will take you to page so you can mark off how manyof these titles you have seen.

Given that the polls often curate an interesting group of films (or TV shows)together, if you've taken the trouble to vote, why not take an extra moment tokeep track of how many you've seen?


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Here is an interesting undocumented feature of the IMDb seenfeature.

Titles You Have Seen But Not Rated

Note: this page only includes "seen" films that you have notrated.

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Someone on Get Satisfaction asked about the "seen" feature.

Since there is no documentation on Seen other than this thread (,I provided a detailed response:

What is the "seen" option next to top250 list???


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