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Fri, Apr 5, 2019 11:44 AM


Add actress Alba Madriles to poll Nerdiest looking female character

I'd wish that this Actress appears in this user's list 'Poll: Nerdiest looking female character' created by this user:

This Actress' imdb profile:


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2 y ago

Hi, Sergi Rubió.

The list's name is "Nerdiest looking female character", and your wish is to add there a real person (actress). That initially can not be done because they are of different categories.



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2 y ago

Hi Sergi Rubió,

As MAthePA points out above, the live poll, Nerdiest looking female character, is about characters not about specific actresses. None of the characters that Alba Madriles plays appears to be nerdy.

Also, polls can only be updated by the original author. The author of the poll, babuandbabu, is no longer active.