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Sun, Jul 4, 2021 8:06 PM

IMDb locked to horrible mobile site

As of July 1 all IMDb title pages and the main page www.imdb.com are locked into displaying the godawful mobile view, and there is no longer a link at the bottom of the page to "view full site" to use the normal desktop site.

Manually adding "mode=desktop" to the url (which is what the "view full site" link does) has no effect. Choosing "request desktop site" from your browser also does nothing.

Name pages and all sub-pages off the main title page are unaffected, as their mobile pages still have the "view full site" link which works fine.

The only workaround is if you have an account (most viewers don't), you can set title pages to "reference view", which does get you the desktop site (and no ads which is nice), but this page style is difficult to navigate, for instance to sub-pages, and there are some features and links lacking.

This needs to be fixed pronto.

Oh, and it would be nice if there were a "default view" setting in our account, so we don't have to constantly scroll to the bottom and click that "view full site" link every time (major hassle). Not every browser has site-individual settings to do this.

But it seems like IMDb is trying to defeat our browsers and force mobile view, just for title pages (and the imdb main page) for some idiotic reason. Stop trying to control us. Many of us don't want mobile views on websites, even if we're using a mobile device, and this is a nasty trend that many websites force on us now.

We want to see the Internet the way it was meant to be seen. No more "optimized" for our sucky viewing displeasure!

Unless we ASK for it.

Of course, IMDb may just have created this bug inadvertently, in trying to promote their "new and improved" imdb mobile view, but these ideas are NEVER an improvement. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt, and wait for you to fix this.

Meanwhile, I'll use reference view, and encourage everyone to do the same, and IMDb can lose oodles of advertising dollars.

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