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Mon, Oct 1, 2018 10:00 PM


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Why is my “found this interesting” tab not saving when I’ve clicked that I found something interesting in Trivia?


I was wondering why the trivia items I selected as “found this interesting”, are not being saved? When I leave a trivia section and go to another informational section of the film’s page, it seems that I have to re-click “found this interesting” on the items I previously selected in trivia. How do I save my “found this interesting” or “not interesting” selections for trivia?



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Hi Raza,

Thanks for reaching out! They are, in fact, saving properly and being stored against each trivia item - so your votes are being counted. We're aware of the fact that it appears "reset" when you return to the page, and apologize that it's confusing. I'll keep you updated as we investigate and determine when we'll be able to update that.