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Sat, Nov 16, 2013 2:44 AM


Refine search for imdb app

Hi there,
I frequently use imdb to find new viewing content and sometimes I stumble across some very intriguing tv shows or movies.. However I find that I've done this to a point now where I've exhausted all the search criteria on the app.
For instance if I were to look for a type of movie by genre I can get the top 100 movie of a certain genre, but what about number 101?
If I search top 250 it covers all genres so any movie I see in there chances are I have already discovered it.
I wouldn't mind seeing some sort of refinement available when searching the genres or when searching in general.
For instance
-Years movie was released between
-between star rating x.x and x.x
-type (movie, tv show, short, anime etc)

I hope this can be done as it will not only help the users but also the film industry.. If there are many people who use the refinement it means previously undiscoverable shows or movies now become easily discoverable and in turn hopefully sales for these film makers increase

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