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Monday, April 24th, 2023 8:51 PM



Placement of news section


I used to read the news section on IMDb every day but I feel it is quite far down the app to get to. I would like to suggest you place it higher up or if it is something you can access down on the bottom four icons or as an additional fifth icon.



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5 months ago

@LorathiPriest  Yes, you can (almost) achieve that today:

  • Visit the “Search” tab at the bottom of any page in the app
  • Tap “Browse” in the menu at the top
  • Scroll down the browse page until you reach the “News” section
  • Tap on the category of news you wish to read
  • The next time(s) you tap on “Search” / “Browse” the news will always be at the top in the “Recently Viewed” section for convenient, no scroll access

Note that above if you already have an active search in progress, you may need to press the search button twice and/or tap “Cancel” to the right of the search box to reach the browse menu.

Hope this helps.