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Mon, Feb 8, 2021 6:13 PM

Location privacy

I have not shared my location with IMDb and I use a vpn but it always shows me the information for the my location. I change the location in settings but it doesn’t really work. Why and how is IMDb getting my location info when I haven’t allowed it?



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a month ago

Mobile or PC/Laptop/Desktop?

Cable, satellite or Wi-Fi?


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Mobile (iPhone)



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a month ago

Hi @Ihatethis 

Can you confirm on your iPhone that the settings are as follows: 

iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services > check to see that IMDb is listed as "Never."

Once that is done, can you share a screenshot of what is displaying under your showtimes location? You should find that the current location toggle is disabled:

IMDb App Settings > Watch preferences > Showtimes location