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Sun, Sep 12, 2021 4:41 AM



Layout issues

There is a very annoying issue when writing a review using the android app.

The screen can't be scrolled up or down while typing, so if the keyboard is open and your review is longer than a few sentences, you can no longer read what you're typing while you're typing, you have to minimize the keyboard and check them open the keyboard again.

It's extremely annoying, and if you try to rotate your phone for more room to write, you cannot do it mid-review because the page will reload and it will entirely erase whatever you have already written.

Just bad all around. 

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2 m ago

Been this way for years, could the developers please fix this? Also review text  box does not scroll as you type (as it is here) so once you've written a review longer than the visible text box above your android keyboard, it disappears behind it and you can no longer see what you are typing unless you minimize the keyboard...and then of course you can't continue to type. This is how I discovered the glitch I wrote in the subject here: the headline and review text boxes are wiped clean if you rotate your phone (which I have done dozens of times over the years forgetting about these glitches) and you lose all that you have already written.

Hope this makes sense going to send before I lose it like my reviews.

Thank you!

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2 m ago

Hi @jfischthecat 

Though the screen does not scroll, you should find that you can scroll within the text box if needed. Nonetheless we are having the team look into the reload upon device rotation though and will keep this post updated.