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Sat, Oct 9, 2021 6:09 PM

Home page freezes on IMDb app

If I scroll (left or right) through the "Fan favourites" section on the home page of the IMDb app on mobile (Android), I can no longer scroll (up or down) through the home page. I have to switch to the other sections (Search, Video, You) and then go back to the home page, or reopen the app, to be able to scroll again.

A while ago, only reopening the app worked, and the page might freeze even if I just tapped the "Fan favourite section" instead of even scrolling (left or right) through it. If I wanted to go to the bottom of the home page, I had to scroll straight to the bottom fast, without accidentally touching the "Fan favourite" section.

It's been like this for quite a while now, at least several weeks, if not months. I was hoping it would get fixed, and didn't do a bug report before, because there is no clear or easy way to do that, at least not on the app, where the problem occurs and which I mainly use.

The problem is mainly just annoying. I usually don't scroll that down the home page anyway, so I can use the app almost normally. I would just like to check the first few sections of the home page sometimes without having to constantly reopen the app or switch between the main sections.

The device I'm using the app on is Samsung Galaxy A51 5G with Android version 11 and my version of IMDb is updated.


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4 d ago

Hi @herkkukaneli,

Please uninstall the app and install the app again to latest version through the Google Play Store.

If this does not help, so that we can investigate further, please provide us with more information on the device and issue you're experiencing.

Please provide the IMDb app version number you are using.

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This finally worked, thank you!

I thought I had done this already, because it's been so long and I usually realise to try all the main things before asking for help, but I guess I hadn't.

Kind of weird that I had to reinstall the whole app though, even though I've been updating it.

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3 d ago

walgreenslistens Said:

Most other IMDb app issues can be resolved by attempting these troubleshooting steps: Force close the app, then re-open. Log out of your account in the IMDb app, then log back in. Restart your device.


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I tried all of these and none of them worked, but thank you for the suggestion.