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Wed, Nov 4, 2020 4:04 AM


Easier use of IMDb

So first i was hoping to be able to persuade you guys to add a rating feature to the Title thumbnails, next to the other rating. It would be much easier to rate things I have seen if i didn't have to go to the title page and wait for it to load and then go back to the page i was on before and wait for it to reload again.

Secondly i would think that you guys would have a way to bulk edit the watch lists. Such as selecting multiple titles and adding a watched/want to watch feature as well as adding the previous idea of mine about rating the titles.

I just would enjoy using the app more if it wasn't so tedious for me to do either of these things. I do hope you will consider my recommendations! 




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3 months ago

Which app are you using?

Android or iOS?


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Well the Android app as well as the mobile page