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Sun, Apr 18, 2021 7:43 AM


Character names missing from shortcuts

Before the most recent Android interface update, when you went to a person's page there was a shortcuts section titled "You may know them from...". Earlier, these titles included their function or character's names. This detail has apparently been removed, which is honestly super annoying. Not having the character's names right there pretty much eliminates the usefulness of the shortcuts, because now you still have to scroll through their entire credits list to figure out which character they played. (Like I remember every actor who ever appeared in Star Trek by heart, you know what I mean?) Before, just seeing their character's name was usually enough to ring a bell, so the addition of "You may know them from" was terrifically convenient. And now its main purpose is gone again... I really hope the App Lords can bring it back again.
Added screenshot for clarity.
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