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Fri, Nov 23, 2018 4:59 AM


Reviews: Add "ignore user" function

I would like to block certain reviewers when I am signed in to the app or site. Some reviewers are simply bots: the reviews are unintelligible. Other reviewers are foul-mouthed, abusive jerks who take delight in finding beloved movies, tv series' episodes and writing reviews full of vitriol and hateful attitudes just to have fun by being not only obviously contrary but vulgar. IMDB has changed a lot over the years, but I'd rather find other places to get the info I want if I can't block user added garbage. P.S. I use the Android app 99% of the time.

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Il y a 4 y

That'd be one way for me to try to eliminate a few of the so-called "reviews" that are under a paragraph in length and are utterly useless except as clutter preventing me from reading something interesting.  I doubt it'd be effective, though; there's too many of them.

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Il y a 4 y

Some reviewers are simply bots
Other reviewers are foul-mouthed, abusive jerks
by packrat1
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Post some reviewers here
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Il y a 3 y

I agree. I would love to block the multitude of "reviewers" who can't spell, have never heard of a capital word, don't understand punctuation, and think that  they're freestyle "musings" are so brilliant that everyone else will feel the same. I seek intelligent, well-written reviews, not jokey banter best left for parties to which I would never attend.