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Tue, Apr 23, 2019 3:24 AM


Picture in Picture (PIP) window available in next iteration of IMDb app!!??

Who would like to be able to minimize videos being steamed on the IMDb app in order to continue browsing? I oftentimes find myself trying to remember actors names or names of movie in whatever snippet that I just watched so that I could look them up when the clip was done playing. So why not be able to do both at once? Watch the clip and search for the character in the full IMDb app and all normal functionality — simply with a small window minimized to the bottom right of the screen. And I am sure that there is an API out there somewhere that you could pretty easily implement this.

So it’s just a thought, but I thought that it was a decent thought, so I’ve posted it here. Let me know what your guys’ thoughts are!!

So the image that will hopefully show my little idea, but I had to use the apps that I had at my disposal so it’s not perfect, but I hope that y’all get the point.

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