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Sat, Jan 12, 2013 3:58 PM

Stop showing commercials before trailers

The fact that I need to watch a 30 second commercial/trailer before watching a trailer is ridiculous. I'm already watching an advertisement I don't need to be force to view another one I've seen a hundred times.


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9 y ago

i completely agree with you. they already have ads on the sides and top that pop up slow everything down, why do they need ads and trailers for crappy movies before the trailers I'm trying to watch.

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8 y ago

I couldn't agree more!  Just bad business practices!  By forcing people
to watch the same commercials over and over again isn't just bad for
IMDb (driving people like you and me back to YouTube), but it's also bad
for the  products!

I am in marketing and one of the top things
you don't want to do when advertising to consumers is become an
annoyance.  Not only do your marketing dollars go to waste, but you've
now actually caused a negative association with your product.  So IMDb
is doing a disservice to their advertisers, their consumers AND

Just give the users the ability to skip the
commercials and the problem is solved.  They still get the marketing
revenue, and people aren't annoyed if their not interested in the

Really surprised that is not obvious to the site managers