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Tue, Aug 16, 2016 7:39 PM

Offers4U annoying Pop up Ad on IMDB

Hey, does anyone know how to shut down these annoying pop up ads on IMDB - Offers4U??? It's becoming impossible to use the site.
Thanks :)




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5 y ago

This does not sound like an ad running on IMDb, sorry.   The only time we allow pop-ups is if there are entertainment related and are heavily frequency capped so you would only see one per day or so. 

You should check your system for adware and try accessing IMDb with a different browser. 

If you are still having problems and are certain that the ads are being served by IMDb, please post screen-grabs here so we can investigate. 

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5 y ago

A quick Google search does appear to support the idea that
some kind of browser-infecting adware/malware might be the cause.

I'm not experiencing the problem,
but if I were then I would try the following:

●  Run a full scan with some well-known reputable antimalware software.
●  Disable all unneeded "extension" add-ons in the web browser.
●  If necessary, "reset" the browser to default settings
     (instructions vary depending on browser type).