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Mon, Oct 21, 2019 4:56 PM


imdb advertising even more intrusive (didn't think possible)

IMDb's intrusive advertising has just reached a new level. I get why IMDb has advertising. Also - full disclosure - I may be missing something by which I can solve the problem myself, but here it is: previous low: advertising that overlay's the 'active' screen (where one is about to click for the information one is there to see). New low: advertising overlaying the screen with no way to opt out (no "x" in the upper corner, for example) so that one is obliged to wait until the ad is finished in order to
complete one's intended business on IMDb. What's next (and, I fear, this is not so much sarcasm as fear that it might happen): will we have to provide cancelled ticket orders, or a sworn affidavit that we've gone to a theatre or streamed a video in order to bypass the advertising and get to the real information that IMDb holds?
This has got to stop somewhere. How about now? (Even better, how about the way it was five or ten years ago, when advertising lived at the side of the screen, and
IMDb lived within that budget.)


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9 months ago

Totally agree. Using the roadblock browser and the duck duck go browser some what helps with this.