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Fri, Aug 18, 2017 10:45 PM



What was the "Logan Lucky" glitch on imdb? For a short while, everytime I opened a new tab and went to imdb, the two sides that are usually grey (with the content in the middle) were filled with a banner (a picture sort of) of the film "Logan Lucky", and a short animation of the imdb logo disappearing in a tube. I went to check my phone, and after a little while, my whole computer glitched and the screen went superweird. When I moved the pointer to the stars on the banner, they fell down and warped back so I could do it again.. At first it was fun, but when I realized my whole computer was fucked up because of it, I restarted it, afraid of being hijacked or whatever. When I went back to imdb, it was gone. There are no signs of it ever being there in the first place. What the heck?? Anyone else experienced this?

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