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Fri, Aug 7, 2015 3:48 AM

Avoiding Amazon links galore...

I am so tired of the search result page search being filled with ads and links and wish I could send feedback stating this but IMDb's website programmars have created a software loop to prevent FEEDBACK on the website itself! Who can I contact and/or how can I get someone to hear my voice regarding this issue?? I hate Amazon's new streaming service and am currently paying for others that provide what I need that IMDb doesn't "advertise" for with unpaid for advertising links!
 Is there a business connection now between IMDb and Amazon to block other streaming services referrals from search result pages on IMDb??? If so then IMDb is failing to keep the site relevant for users! As other streaming services and competition accelerates they will lower hit totals to their site if they only offer censored results! Why look to IMDb for information?? There is already competition that is not so biased on other sites but I have used IMDb for some time.


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6 y ago

Your concern can not be said long or loud enough. I have been trying to disconnect fro this conversation blog for 2 months now and Amazon gives you no way to do that. AMAZON Sucks



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6 y ago

If you look at the bottom of almost any IMDb page, you will see the phrase :  An company.

Amazon bought IMDb a number of years ago, and it is now hosted on their servers.  IMDb is given fairly free rein, but the parent company would not be happy with IMDb promoting their competitors.

IMDb has never been a streaming site. It is primarily a database of data about films. If Amazon has the item for sale or streaming, IMDb will usually link to it, but this is definitely a secondary consideration.